Our Story

We are a Leeds based family run business and we are passionate about creating artwork and products that are designed to delight, uplift and inspire. Our products add colour, culture and glamour to any space and they take the the stress out of gifting.

We produce and sell beautiful hand finished prints, framed pictures and collages in a range of sizes. We also produce inspirational art cards and greetings cards for you to gift your loved ones and friends. Individuality is important so some of the pictures and collages that you will find here are totally unique or limited editions. Whether you are treating yourself or purchasing a gift we have artwork that is made unique either due to its finish, its size or its frame. This allows you to choose and compile a collection that is exclusive to you. We hope you will be spoilt for choice.

We pride ourselves on sourcing quality and we are passionate about preserving and restoring unusual, aged frames alongside the new frames on our website. When selecting frames for pictures in our Gallery section we find that older used frames can be as complimentary as new ones. Restored or refurbished frames are clearly labelled in the relevant picture information. These restored frames and our imminent switch to recycled envelopes for our greetings cards are small artsy steps in our journey to increased sustainability and being more eco-friendly.

With cultural style, ethical gifting and inspirational art in mind, we invite you to enjoy your shopping experience with us.

From Our Home to Your Home we hope our unique collection inspires you to live and share your best life.

Shola Artz xXx

“My background in fashion and textiles infuses our artwork and designs so many of our pieces are textural, embellished and unapologetically eye-catching
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