Sun Up Greetings – Large textured original painting on box framed canvas — SOLD NO LONGER AVAILABLE



This bright, patterned original painting is part of our Adinkra Collection

Acrylic based and highlighted with silver leaf and metallic trim, this African artwork shows a couple greeting each other with a reverent bow and hand shake. The glowing sunrise is a reminder they are blessed by the sun’s melanin strengthening power. The loose threads in the clothing show art is the fabric of life. Among the fabric patterns are West African Adinkra symbols representing strong, guiding wisdom for life.


This painting is on a deep box canvas and framed in a silver box frame. This frame has been carefully RESTORED and REFINISHED by hand therefore frame finish varies and small marks are inherent in the frame as shown in photos. The marks are hard to spot due to the large size of the frame so we have shown them in the photos as clearly as possible’


Dimensions 90.0 cm x 90.0 cm  x 3.5 cm

Out of stock


You will find both old and new frames in the gallery area of our website. Recycling beautiful pre-loved frames is a small step in helping to save our planet and any flaws will be highlighted in photographs and descriptions.

Although we strive to restore items to the highest quality we also appreciate that some of the knocks and flaws inherent in these pieces are a reminder of their journey and durability and add an inimitable aesthetic and uniqueness to our pictures. 




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